Why holiday in Parga?

The idyllic town of Parga, surrounded be mountains and picturesque olive groves, is perfect for a relaxing holiday. The town is blessed with a myriad of picture-perfect beaches - think sparkling clear azure waters with soft golden sand, all captivating in the Greek sunshine - some of which can only be reached by boat. The town blends Eastern and Western influences, which can be seen in the wonderful architecture, such as the Venetian-built castle of Parga, which overlooks the town. In the evening make sure you visit one of the wonderful tavernas, offering freshly made local dishes, or enjoy a drink in a bar overlooking the beach.


Resorts in Parga

Parga Town

In Parga Town, you're only ever a few minutes away from the harbour. It ripples with life during the day, as little boats ferry in and out. If you dive into the labyrinth of streets behind the harbour, you'll stumble on jewellery makers that are known throughout Greece. And at night the waterfront cranks things up a notch, as music bars, tavernas and kafenios, or coffee shops, fill up with a cosmopolitan mix of holidaymakers.

A 30-minute drive from Parga Town is the Acheron River, one of the most famous landmarks of the ancient world. It's where the souls of the dead were believed to pass on their way to Hades, or the underworld. Along its banks you can visit the 5,000-year-old Necromanteion, a spooky temple where priests communicated with the dead.

A big part of Parga Town's appeal is its beaches. There’s Kryoneri, the busy town beach that faces Panagia Island. And right next door is its little sibling, Piso Kryona ,a cove with a sand and pebble beach. Just over the headland is Valtos, a long sweep of sand with family credentials thanks to its safe swimming, tavernas and roll call of watersports.

It's like Mother Nature wanted to keep Parga Town, on Greece's northwest coast, all to herself. The pretty coastal town is wrapped in pine-clad mountains. Behind the harbour lies a picture-postcard jumble of terracotta-roofed houses. And you've got little islands dotted around the bay, including Panagia, which is capped with a whitewashed chapel.

Valtos Beach

Parga Town's best looking beach is a 5-minute ride away on a water taxi from the harbour. You'll anchor at a kilometre-long crescent of silky sand and pebbles – a lively stretch, thanks to its watersports and busy tavernas. But if you want peace and quiet, head for the far section of sand, right beneath the Venetian castle – your tanning schedule won’t get interrupted here.

Lichnos Beach

Lichnos is a quiet hillside village on Greece's northwestern coast. It's a restful place, where days are spent relaxing in the pretty bay and evenings revolve around a couple of family-run restaurants at the water's edge. You're away from it all here, but the livelier coastal town of Parga is just 10 minutes up the road.

Lichnos' secluded little beach is just 100 metres from the village. It's a sand-and-shingle number backed by pine-fringed cliffs. Along the shore you've got secret little caves to explore on foot, plus there are watersports on offer. Up the road, the main beach at Parga is a narrow strip of sand that looks out to the islet of Panagia,good swimmers can get across to it. Twenty minutes walk from Parga brings you to Valtos Beach, where the deep waters make for great scuba diving.

Getting to Parga


By Air

The nearest airport is in Preveza which is approx 60km from Parga. During the summer months there are weekly flights to and from most European countries.During the winter there are weekly flights from Athens airport. Another airport which can be used is Corfu where you then catch a ferry boat over to the port of Igoumenitsa (approx. 1hr 30 min ferries run several times a day). A taxi ride from Igoumenitsa to Parga will then take 45 minutes.

By Boat
Daily boats depart from several ports in Italy including Bari, Ancona, Venice, Brindisi to the port of Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland. Igoumenitsa is approx. 47km from the town of Parga.

By Bus
If you wish to fly to Athens airport you can then catch a bus from Athens main bus station to Parga.  This bus runs daily and takes approx. 7 hours