Planning a holiday for 2017 is a fantastic way to get through the colder Autumn and Winter months ahead. We often need something to look forward to and work towards, so why not consider booking a villa in Corfu?

Whether you’ve visited Corfu before or not, we all know it well for being an incredibly popular Greek island. It boasts lush greenery, as well as beautiful blue waters, and is well known for its friendly locals. Corfu has a rich history which is talked about in great deal in their museums, and is home to many ancient myths and stories.

Here at Perfect Blue Holidays, whether you’re after a villa which is near the beach, or a tranquil harbour, we can cater for you. Our luxury set of villas are located both along the sandy beaches on the west-coast, as well as fishing harbours on the north-east.

Not only can we provide a beautiful villa, but we can even arrange transportation from the airport to the villa. When you land, you will be met with a Perfect Blue Holidays driver or representative who will see you safely to your villa, ensuring you start you holiday in style.

We specialise in accommodation and self-catering, and offer an array of hotels in and around Corfu, so why not get in touch today by filling out our enquiry form online.

We look forward to hearing from you!