A Real Favourite

 Our villa holidays to Corfu have always been highly popular. Dangling between the tip of Italy and mainland Greece, the sheer beauty of this lush green crescent comes as an unexpected and unforgettable surprise for first time visitors to the island. Take this and the rich and varied history of the island combined with the legendary friendliness of the locals (the tradition of 'filoxenia' - to show friendliness towards strangers - still holds strong in Corfu today), it's little wonder that Corfu has been such a popular destination with the British for so long.

Avoiding the busier south, Perfect Blue have handpicked Corfu holiday villas that are 'off the beaten track'. For picture postcard fishing harbours and bays we chose the northeast coast, whilst the west coast offers the best beaches and most dramatic countryside. Book a Corfu villa holiday with Perfect Blue and enjoy the very best that this wonderful island has to offer.

Corfu Town

For those seeking a touch of culture on their Corfu holidays, there are the Venetian arcades, sophisticated restaurants and cosmopolitan shops of the elegant Corfu Town such as the Liston, an arcaded row of cafes and restaurants, copied from the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. The old town was laid out by the Venetians in the 14th century and features narrow alleys lined with multi-storeyed pastel-coloured buildings with red tiled roofs, creating a scene reminiscent of Italy.

Those wishing to escape from the melee in the town can head for the interior to enjoy some spectacular scenery and greenery. Corfu has, for instance, 43 different kinds of orchids growing wild in the countryside, and there are countless olive groves.


Achilleon Palace

An impressive palace in the south of the island. The Achillion Palace is ideally located in the picturesque village of Gastouri. This magnificent Palace was built in 1890 exclusively for Elizabeth (Sissy), the former Empress of Austria. The palace used to serve as the summer retreat of the Empress. Unfortunately, Sissy the Empress passed away in a rather tragic manner when she was brutally assassinated in 1898 in Geneva and the palace was deserted till the year 1907 when it was bought by Kaiser.

The impeccably landscaped palace garden is absolutely top class and makes for a picture perfect setting. Legend has it that the Empress fell in love with Corfu, so much so that she ultimately decided to build a residence that she could call her own. The palace is located at the spot where the manor of the renowned philosopher Petros Armenis Vrailas stood. Empress Sissi was also captivated and awestruck by ancient Greek legends and mythology. Her favorite was Achilles on whose honor she dedicated the palace. The Palace garden is replete with rather artistically sculpted statues of the pantheon of Greek Gods and Goddesses that makes for a truly mythical setting.


Pantocrator Mountain


Mount Pantokrator is a mountain located in north-eastern Corfu. At 906 metres (2,972 ft), it is the highest mountain on the island. At the summit, the whole of Corfu can be seen, as well as Albania which lies a short distance from the island. On particularly clear days it is also possible to see Italy despite it being around 130 km (81 mi) away. At the top there is a café for tourists, a telecommunications station, whose largest tower stands directly over a well, and a monastery. The first monastery on the site was Angevin, built in 1347 but then destroyed sometime around 1537. The current church on the site dates from around 1689, and the current facade was built during the 19th century. It is dedicated to the transfiguration of Christ. To get to the peak, you can either drive to Mount Pantokrator up a series of windy roads from the coast, or walk to the top. If you choose to walk, one of the best places to start is in Old Perithia, Corfu's oldest village, where it takes approximately 2 hours round trip. The village of Old Perithia dates back to the 14th century and the 'Perithians' helped build the original monastery using local wood and limestone. The village of Old Perithia (and the now abandoned village of Sinies) can be seen from Pantokrator and with its 130 house and 8 churches Old Perithia is said to sit at the foot of Pantokrator, 'The Almighty.' The walk to Pantokrator is also part of The Corfu Trail, an established walking guide around the island of Corfu, although they fail to maintain the paths, so walks such as Perithia to Mt. Pantokrator are now nearly impossible to detect.


Palace of St.Michael and St.George

Between 1864 and 1913, the Greek royal family spent their summers at the Palace of St Michael and St George. But today, the neoclassical building is home to the Museum of Asian Art. There are more than 10,000 works on display here, which have been collected from all over the Far East. You’ll find the building on the northern side of the Esplanade in Corfu Town.

Between 1864 and 1913, the Greek royal family spent their summers at the Palace of St Michael and St George. But today, the neoclassical building is home to the Museum of Asian Art. There are more than 10,000 works on display here, which have been collected from all over the Far East. You’ll find the building on the northern side of the Esplanade in Corfu Town.

Originally the residence of a succession of British high commissioners, this palace now houses the world-class Museum of Asian Art , founded in 1929. Expertly curated with extensive, informative English-language placards, the collection’s approximately 10,000 artefacts, collected from all over Asia, include priceless prehistoric bronzes, ceramics, jade figurines, coins and works of art in onyx, ivory and enamel. Additionally, the palace’s throne room and rotunda are impressively adorned in period furnishings and art.

Behind the eastern side of the palace, the Municipal Art Gallery houses a fine collection featuring the work of leading Corfiot painters, a collection of splendid icons, rotating exhibitions, and a lovely seafront cafe .


Aqualand Water Park

Aqualand, one of the most amazing and adventurous places to be!!! For rides and slides, and lots of laughs, head off to Aqualand, one of the biggest and best waterparks in Greece.

A great day out for children, families and all who are young in spirit.

Located in the heart of Corfu Island and situated on the main road, makes Aqualand easily accessible from all parts of the Island. The construction of Aqualand started in 1995 and took two years to achieve the high quality and the best safety precautions for our visitors.

Aqualand is equipped with all kinds of water attractions and has many facilities to make your day exciting until the last moment. Surrounded by green forests a total area of 75000 square meters this water oasis will make your visit a truly pleasant and enjoyable even in the hottest days of the summer. Relax under the trees or enjoy the thrill of our multislides.

Free sun beds and umbrellas, changing rooms and showers, high quality food, shops and free parking space are available in our waterpark. The qualified lifeguards will take care of safety and security of Aqualand visitors and will provide services for people with special needs. Children can play all day long in our pools as the water is filtered and cleaned daily. We are here to provide you with the best services possible to make your stay as much comfortable we can.

Aqualand - a unique and unforgettable experience of joy, happiness and endless fun! Millions of people all over the world have visited our waterpark. We look forward to welcoming you and your friends.


Visit the islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos


 From various locations in Corfu, you can take an all-day boat tour to the beautiful little islands of Paxi and Antipaxi. Firstly there are the Caribbean-like beaches at Antipaxi, before you head off to the beautiful Blue Caves at Paxi. Look out for tour companies that moor at Paxi and let you wander the old village of Gaios – the narrow streets here are centuries-old and there are some authentic little tavernas to have lunch.


Festivals and cultural events of Corfu


 Plenty of traditional festivals take place in the cosmopolitan island of Corfu throughout the year.

During the summer season, visitors will enjoy countless events which are dedicated to different saints.


Easter in Corfu


 The celebration of Easter in Corfu is truly a unique experience with elements from the Roman Catholic community and Orthodox religion. On Holy Friday, the local orchestras and choirs accompany the procession of Epitaphios (the tomb of the Christ ) and the processions of all churches are gathered in Spianada Square, Corfu Town.

Preparations start from the early morning hours for the Holy Saturday where local celebrate the first resurrection throwing clay pots from their balconies in Corfu Town. This particular custom is very characteristic of Easter in Corfu. Saint Spiridon Saint Spiridon is the patron saint of Corfu island. The legend says that it has saved the island many times from plague, famine and invasions from the Turks in the Medieval times. Although he never lived in Corfu, his relics came to the island after his death. Saint Spyridon is very beloved in the residents of Corfu and celebrates four times a year: on December 12th, on the first Sunday of November and on August 11th.

On July 2nd, there is a festival in Panagia church Vlacherna in Kanoni, Corfu Town.  On August 6th, there is a  festival for the Tranfiguration of the Christ in Pontikonisi. Also from August 1st to 6th, there is pilgrimage in the Monastery of Pantokrator, Corfu island. 

The Carnival of Corfu is very similar to the Carnival of Venice. Many traditional costumes are worn in and around Corfu Old Town as well in the carnival  parades in Liston and in villages around the island.

Varkarola is a special local event which is celebrated every August with boats. The choir sings cantades (traditional romantic songs from the late 19th/early 20th century) while fireworks light up the sky.

The Cricket Festival is a local custom coming from the British domination of the Ionian islands. This festival takes place yearly  in the huge cricket ground in Espianada Square, Corfu Town.