A holiday to Lefkas elegantly mixes fascinating attractions with beach splendour. From exploring the submarine hideout in the blue cave to dining al fresco on Lefkada's very own Sunset Boulevard strip, enjoy the Greek culture and secluded beach spots without needing to compromise on style, comfort or pleasure. On your visit to Lefkada you can explore the surrounding islands by setting sail from the ports of Patras or Kyllini.

Lefkada Sunset Boulevard

Lefkas has its very own Sunset Boulevard strip complete with bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and twinkling harbour lights at night time. Its natural Greek ambiance and elegant Venetian architecture makes the strip one of the most admired attractions at the heart of Lefkas Town. An evening meal on the strip is a magical experience for couples and families and you’ll have plenty of fun feasting on the Greek Mezze platters. Don’t forget to come back the next day and snap up gifts from the boutique shops and market stalls overlooking the marina port.

Sailing to Meganissi Island


Take a trip to one of the surrounding islands off Lefkas’ south eastern shores and discover a whole new array of mystical Greek wonders. The first stop is usually the beautiful Papanikolis blue cave on the coastline of Meganissi. It’s a great diving spot and is rumoured to have been a submarine hideout during WWII. Papanikolis is the second largest cave in Greece and is shaped by the surrounding white limestone cliffs. After exploring Papanikolis cave, moor up on one of the nearby beaches and journey to one of the island’s settlements for an authentic lunch at a taverna.

Wine Tasting


Lefkas is one of the masters of Greek wine production and has a welcoming selection of vineyards and wineries across the island. One of the best known ones is in Lefkaditiki just ten minutes away from the town of Nidri. Visiting the Lefkaditiki Winery you will be able to see the entire production from grapevine to glass and sample all the different varieties and tastes.

Windsurfing in Vasiliki - Vasiliki has a reputation for being one of the best windsurfing spots in Greece. You can hire windsurfing equipment and other water sports facilities are available.

Day cruises - The boats leave from Nidri and go to the small islets of Meganisi, Sparti, Skorpidi, and Skorpios. There are some Bronze Age Tombs south of Nidri that were excavated by Wilhelm Dorpfeld in the early part of the century.