Why holiday in Santorini?


Oia: The delightful village on the northern tip of the island where pristine white washed houses cling to the cliff face, Oia is the place to see the most sensational sunsets. This is possibly the most picturesque village in Greece so don't forget your camera.

Hot Springs: Possible to visit by boat and a fantastic way to relax on your holiday. Here you can soak up the therapeutic mud and enjoy a leisurely swim. Located at Palea Kameni, next to the volcano known as Nea Kameni (old burnt one).

Ancient Thira: The site of Ancient Thira is situated on the rocky headland of Mesa Vouno, 370 metres above sea level on the southeast coast. This site was re-colonised after the great eruption.

Akrotiri Village: An ancient Minoan city, located in the village of the same name, where excavations still continue to this day. There is also a castle (Goulas) which is now ruined (after the Turkish invasion in 1617).

Thira: Fira has an abundance of bars, shops, cafes and tavernas, some offering views of the Caldera. Beautiful cobbled streets, mixing old with new. Some night clubs to dance the night away.

Pyrgos: The large village of Pyrgos retains its medieval features and is the highest point on the island